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Our Mission
To provide reliable and affordable financial services to entrepreneurs for wealth creation and improved livelihoods.

Emergency Loans

LPO Financing

To finance clients who have urgent purchase orders to supply from reputable organizations.
To promote clients in the supply business


  • Can be individual or group client.
  • A valid purchase order must be presented
  • A written consent from the awarding company must be presented
  • An agreement must be signed between SISDO, the company awarding the LPO and the client before disbursing of the loan stating that repayment shall be made through SISDO.


  • Flexible interest rates
  • Convenient repayment periods
  • Fast Loan processing
  • Ensures clients don’t lose supply tenders.

1) The company issuing the LPO shall pay through SISDO. SISDO shall then deduct the loan amounts in lump sum and draw a cheque of the balance to the client.

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