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To provide reliable and affordable financial services to entrepreneurs for wealth creation and improved livelihoods.

Client Testimonies

1) Thomas Mwangi Macharia
Thomas Mwangi’s business consists of puncture repair & Simu Ya Jamii. He took a loan Ksh. 20,000 and started selling airtime. So far SISDO has serviced 9 loans and is currently servicing a loan of ksh.380,000.

His business is now in his council allocated plot at Limuru stage where he has put a container. He majors with M pesa, phones and phone accessories. He also has a photocopier machine. Currently his business capital is ksh. 700,000 Future plan is to add more electronics to his stock to cover wide market segment and to have more outlets for M-pesa.

Thomas is proud to be associated with SISDO and the products offered. This has helped him fit in his career and business. Through SISDO he acquire business knowledge and exposure.

2) Charity Njeri Justus
Charity Njeri, 51 years from Meru has been a businesswoman since 1984. Her husband, Royford Mbae Mwiandi manages farming and zero grazing businesses at their home in Chogoria Kiambugi village. They have two children with their first born aged 26 and 22 respectively.

Njeri  hailed from a humble background  where she and her husband lived in a mud house when she joined SISDO in the early years of 2000 through Miracle Self Help Group based in Chogoria. She has grown to be among the most prominent business persons in Chogoria town. Through SISDO she has gained financial literacy, general management and business management skills and thus her ability to service her loans.

Presently, the family are among the successful business personalities who own a number of pieces of land, houses, vehicles, freshian cows, coffee grading machines, milking machines, goats to name just but a few.

She is also involved in coffee, tea and bananas farming. The Mbae family has been able to acquire a licence to process their coffee from the small coffee plant that they have lay in their home after which they locally process and sells to the millers and other interested buyers. The cash flow from the coffee produced is high a promises a very high return. She owns a number of butcheries that supply meat to the various schools, hospitals and colleges.

This is what she has to say about SISDO…………………..
“SISDO caters for my needs, it suits my business and what I want to do with my life. It allows me not only to take care of myself but also my husband and more importantly my children. Education is the key to success and I believe strongly in its power to transform lives. Through my 16 loans from SISDO, I have made enough money to send my children to school. I will continue with SISDO until I achieve my dream of owning a dairy farm and a modern coffee processing plant. I am proud to have SISDO as my Preferred Financial Partner”.

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