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Our Mission
To provide reliable and affordable financial services to entrepreneurs for wealth creation and improved livelihoods.

CEO's Message


Present day Microfinance in the form of providing Micro Credit to the rural and urban poor started in SISDO in 2003. Crafted on the Bangladesh Grameen Bank model and K-rep Juhudi/Watano Model. Prior to this SISDO provided credit to support small holder irrigation schemes in collaboration with the ministry of Agriculture.  It has evolved over the years, growing its financial services and diversifying the products in response to client needs.


Apart from financing the poor, for creation of wealth and improved livelihoods, SISDO ensures other important aspects are taken on board.  These include, but are not limited to bridging the gap between formal banking sector and the unbanked in the country, developing financial capability of the loanees and providing training for skills development as well as supporting market linkage for their small enterprises. 


SISDO is committed to improving its operations through technological advancement adoption. We believe this will contribute to SISDOs efficiency, cost effectiveness and transparency.  The customers will get to know the details of their loan and the outstanding amounts after each payment of installment through SMS by our newly launched mobile banking service.  Further we are now listed in the Credit Reference Bureau (CRB).  This will increase our knowledge of client history and integrity.


While we are pleased with the growth and results achieved by SISDO, we are cognizance of the fact that we need to work harder and smarter to meet the Best Practice Market thresholds.  We are working to develop our activities further and bring sustainability.


In the determination and commitment to work professionally, we have taken a series of actions to revise our internal procedures including internal controls to optimize the use of our products and activities. 


We continue to focus on customer satisfaction, listening to their voices, involving them in product reviews and acknowledging that the customers are the most critical denominator in our core business.  The key drivers of our business are the Unit Managers and the BDOs, who have a day to day interaction and partnership with the clients.


In order to review the social impact of our work, we have since 2013, set up the Social Performance Management (SPM) strategy for social evaluation of our activities as we partner with clients.


We continue to establish linkages as we nurture our current partnerships amongst them; all members of AMFI, Jabali Microserve, Oiko Credit, ICEA Lion, AFRACA.




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